Grasmere Lake

Grasmere Lake

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Made popular by Wordsworth, Grasmere Lake is one of the popular locations in the Lake District where crowds will flock in the height of summer. However, as with other lakes in the area such as Wastwater and Windermere, as soon as you get on the water, the crowds seem to disappear.

Paddling Grasmere gives to the chance to see the area from a whole new perspective. The perfect place to head for the day, Grasmere Lake and the surrounding village has a lot to offer.

Plan a paddle and picnic or paddle and finish at the pub for some grub! It’s the ultimate day adventure and supports the local community too.

Although the lake is managed by the Lowther Estates, the island on Grasmere is now in the possession of the National Trust. This helps to protect the wildlife living there for future generations. Please do not land on the island, but feel free to admire from afar.

Remember, parts of the Lake District lakes can be quite exposed. Make sure you’ve planned your route if you’re going touring.

Plan ahead with the weather and be well prepared for a day on the water. You can find more information on paddling safely on lakes here.