FAQs and Contact Us

FAQs and Contact Us

The Go Paddling website is a wealth of information on paddling. Before getting in contact please use the search facility, or have a look at our Paddler FAQs section below.

If you can’t find the answer you seek and you have an enquiry about Go Paddling, PaddlePoints, Trails, or paddling in general, please contact us using the form below. Simply tell us your contact details, choose a reason for getting in touch, and leave a message.

Paddler FAQs

Paddle UK Delivery Partners are committed to providing high quality paddlesport experiences. Before an organisation can become a Delivery Partner and display the Delivery Partner logo, it must agree to our Delivery Partner Charter.

Partners have agreed to our terms and conditions which stipulate our high standards of safety, value for money and customer service.

Being a Delivery Partner is an indication to schools, parents and other customers that the partner takes its responsibilities seriously, using highly trained, qualified and competent staff, to deliver a high-quality customer focused product.

All Delivery Partners have made a commitment to working in environmentally friendly and sustainable ways and are subject to appropriate quality assurance.

You can find full details and start an application to become a delivery partner here: https://gopaddling.info/british-canoeing-delivery-partner/.

RapidJoin is the easy way to become a Paddle UK member and secure your waterways licence together with public liability insurance for paddling. It can be used to join if:

  1. You are an England or non-UK resident
  2. You want to purchase a single membership
  3. You have never been a member of Paddle UK before

You can join using the slider on the right side of the site or use the full page RapidJoin option here.

If you require couples or family membership or you’re a lapsed Paddle UK member, then please use the Paddle UK membership portal here.

Finding out information on where you can paddle couldn’t be easier. Just head to PaddlePoints on Go Paddling here, or visit our dedicated Rivers or Canals pages if you are interested in a specific waterway.

In PaddlePoints you will find a huge range of plotted rivers and canals, with all the information you need on where you can get on and off the water. You also create a free account and create your own routes and points for other paddlers to enjoy.

Our dedicated Rivers and Canals page offer more detail on specific waterways. PaddlePoints for each waterway is embedded in each page.

You can also download PDF trails for each river or canal, learn what licence is needed to paddle in each waterway, and find out a little about its history and environment.

There are a number of ways to get a waterways licence. You can find more information about waterways licences in our article here.

If you are a England resident, Paddle UK’s On the Water membership is your best value gateway to the waterways. It gives paddlers instant access to a waterways licence, as well as insurance and a range of great benefits and exclusive offers.

If you live in Wales you will require Canoe Wales membership. You do not need a licence to paddle in Scotland.

If you have individual Paddle UK or national association On the Water membership you alone are covered. If you have couples or family membership then all people covered in the membership have a waterways licence.

The principle of the licence is that the craft a member is paddling is licensed on the water, so long as the member is actually in or on the craft.

Any member may take non-members passengers in a craft. However, the craft is unlicensed if the member is not on board. Passengers do not have third party insurance.

Well, you have come to the right place. We have a range of tips and advice here to help you get the most out of paddling.

The blog section is a virtual library of beginner and recreational paddler information articles. They are broken down by craft category and by topic tag.

We have categories for SUP, Canoeing, and Kayaking.

We also have a range of tagged topic content. You can access these from the Blogs By Topic widget on most pages.

Here you’ll find topics such as Family Paddling, Choosing Paddling Gear, and New to Paddling for beginners.

As an English resident becoming a Paddle UK member will save you money on your waterways licence and give you public liability insurance. If you are a Wales resident please visit the Canoe Wales website, or Scotland resident the SCA website here.

  1. If you have already decided you want Paddle UK membership go to the membership portal here to join, alternatively call the membership team on 0300 0119 500 during office hours.
  2. If you want to learn more about the benefits of membership before joining you can learn more about On The Water membership here.

Having membership with Paddle UK, Canoe Wales, or the SCA brings you a host of benefits, as well as helping the environment and maintaining waterways.

Membership also means a waterways licence for when you paddle in England or Wales. A licence is not required in Scotland.

  1. For detail on what your licence covers check out our waterways licence article here
  2. For specifics on what waterways are covered check out this Paddle UK article here.
  3. Also, our Rivers pages each have information on whether membership covers you for paddling in that area.

A day out paddling should always be fun. If you haven’t been before or would like to learn some initial skills, we would recommend heading to your local club or centre to take the Discover Award. This will give you the skills to help remain safe on the water.

If you’re keen to head out independently then check out our New to Paddling articles. They cover a huge range of topics for the beginner or recreational paddler, including the all important Safety Checklist.

Use PaddlePoints to find easy routes and check out comments from other paddlers. Seek routes away from weirs and white water as a beginner. Canals are a good place to start. Check out our Canals pages here.

If near an Environment Agency water level monitoring station, each PaddlePoints point will also have latest water levels. Check these before paddling to ensure it is safe.

On the Go Paddling website, of course. We have a choice of over 170 oven-ready PDF trails for you to download, the option to find and create your own routes on PaddlePoints, or find routes by river or canal.

  1. Search here for a downloadable Paddle Trail near you. If there is nothing near you, try PaddlePoints
  2. Find routes created by other paddlers and create routes yourself with PaddlePoints. If you’d like to find spots to get on/off your local waterways, this amazing resource will show you were to go.
  3. If you have your eye on a particular river or canal, then you can find a host of information on our Explore Rivers and Explore Canals pages. Each page contains: PaddlePoints, Trails, licence information, and flora and fauna and history to look out for while you paddle.

Having the right equipment will keep you safe when paddling and we have lots of great articles around different types of equipment and safety advice. Check these out here.

Whether it’s ensuring we don’t spread non-native invasive species, collecting litter on our local waterways or campaigning for greater waterways access, we all play a vital role in protecting our environment.

Our article How to Share the Space and Paddle Responsibly has some fantastic tips on how to be an environmentally conscious paddler.

If you are concerned about our waterways environment you could also support our Our Clear Access Clear Waters campaign.

It is seeking a change in the law from Government and calls for fair, shared and sustainable open access on water for all. We  encourage you to sign our petition and run your own Paddle Clean Up to help. Go to the website here for more.

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