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Quality Paddlesport Provision

Demonstrate your quality-driven paddlesport provision to the paddling community. Safe, sustainable experiences for your customers, team, and the environment.

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Access to our team of Paddlesport specialists, advice, guidance and support through your personalised self-service portal as well as tailored visits to your business.

Why You Should Partner With Us

Our Three Packages

Bronze – £100/year

  • Promotion of your business on Go Paddling and Paddlepoints
  • Delivery Partner logo – demonstrating your commitment to the Delivery Partner Charter
  • 24/7 self-service administration area
  • Live qualification checks for your team
  • Access to digital collateral
  • Your logo on Start and Discover certification
  • 40% discount on vacancy listings
  • 50% discount on Head of Paddlesport Training
  • 50% discount on tickets to annual virtual conference
  • Up to 66% discount on Canal and River Trust Craft Licences
  • Go Membership business account (if required)
  • Access to exciting Delivery Partner benefits/ discounts with organisations such as
  • Marsh and Bluefin Sport
  • Gill
  • Canal and Rivers Trust

Silver – £350/year

  • All Bronze benefits +
  • Enhanced promotion of your business through Go Paddling and Paddlepoints
  • Technical support and guidance
  • Unlimited tickets of 100% discount to annual virtual conference
  • Bulk download Start/Discover Certificates
  • 100% discount on Head of Paddlesports Training
  • 80% discount on vacancy listings
  • Up to 75% discount on Canal and River Trust Craft Licences
  • Additional pages option for organisations with multiple groups/venues

Gold – £750/year

  • All Bronze and Silver benefits +
  • Premium promotion of your business through Go Paddling and Paddlepoints
  • Personalised visit to suit the needs of your business*
  • 100% Discount on vacancy listings
  • Advanced notice of events, conferences, opportunities and organisational changes

* Please note, there may be additional travel costs for the visit, depending on your location and the necessary travel. This will be agreed on a case by case basis.

How To Become A Partner

To form the partnership we ask all partners to agree to our Charter as part of the sign up process. This is your commitment to the scheme and Paddle UK’s commitment to you. Please read it below. When you have scrolled to the bottom of the Charter, the Become a Partner button will activate. You will then be able to start the sign up process. Note, by scrolling to the bottom of the Charter you are not agreeing to the Charter. That is part of the sign up process. We are providing this here for your information only so you understand the commitment required.

The Delivery Partner Scheme is aimed at both promoting and providing first class paddling experiences. The Delivery Partner Charter represents a mutual undertaking of how British Canoeing and Partners will work together to achieve the appropriate high quality standards.

Committed to offer quality paddlesport experiences

Delivery Partners are committed to offer paddlesport activities that embrace learning, are fun, engaging and safe. Staff are motivated and enthusiastic. Participants experience a sense of achievement, enjoy the session(s) and the activities are aligned with the individuals’ development.

You will implement safe systems of operation specific to risk management, record keeping, insurance and governance

Delivery Partners ensure that they have evidence of a range of policies and procedures that support safe management systems and employee welfare. These could include:

  • Health, safety and wellbeing arrangements that comply with your local and national legislation
  • Specific detailed risk assessments
  • Safe Management Systems including:
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Emergency Action Plans
    • Health Surveillance (if identified in risk assessments)
  • Provision of information to your employees, volunteers, contractors as well as anyone else sharing the facility that highlights risks to their health, safety and wellbeing, as well as preventative and protective measures.
  • Provide appropriate and adequate training for your employees, volunteers and contractors, including codes of conduct.
  • Appointment of an appropriate competent person (for the purposes of the Delivery Partnership this person will be referred to as the Head of Paddlesport)
  • Appropriate insurance – Employers/Public/Personal
  • Accident and incident reporting system
Have appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures

Delivery Partners are required to fully understand their duties regarding Safeguarding and Child Protection, having the appropriate processes and training in place.

  • Ensure a designated Safeguarding Lead, who is trained and understands their role in ensuring the protection of Children and Adults at risk
  • Have an appropriate Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy that meets the need of their organisation, which includes Adults at risk.
  • Provide 'Recruiting Safely Training' for those shortlisting and interviewing employees, contractors and volunteers.
  • Have up to date safeguarding policies, procedures and reporting mechanisms in place
  • Provide appropriate training before deployment, as well as regular refresher training for all staff and volunteers.
  • Commit to meeting your country's requirements for recruiting employees and volunteers to work with Children and Adults at risk.

Please note: Recruitment documentation clearly states the requirement to work with Children and Adults at risk, the need for local vetting and/or Police checks (e.g Disclosure and Barring(DBS) Service in England, Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme in Scotland etc), as well as minimum of 2 current and verifiable references.

Committed to regular review and continual improvement processes

Delivery Partners collect customer feedback from a variety of sources, analysing the comments regularly, as well as reviewing practices annually to meet customer needs and expectations.

  • Ensure the currency and accuracy of advertising/promotional material is up to date with current British Canoeing products and services.
  • Utilise the British Canoeing and Go Paddling collateral, linking to websites, documentation and resources.
Act as ambassadors of British Canoeing and the paddlesport community

Delivery Partners actively promote British Canoeing and National Associations within your correspondence and promotional materials.

  • Actively promote National Association membership to customers, engaging them with the benefits of joining their National Governing Body.
  • Commit to joining up with other paddling communities and Delivery Partners within a regional network to support local teams in representing paddlesport campaigns and events.
  • Provide opportunities to host or support paddlesport development events
  • Promote National Association campaigns and events in areas such as access, environment, volunteer recognition awards and competitions
  • Signpost and promote customers to the range of qualifications and awards available, such as Foundation Safety Rescue Training and the Paddle Awards to new paddlers.
  • Actively promote the British Canoeing resources, such as the paddle trails, paddlepoints, and the digital library.
Deliver and embed the British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards

There are many benefits to using the British Canoeing Paddle and Personal Performance Awards with your customers. Whether it be a milestone in an individual's development, an unexpected extra, a record of achievement for the individual or a mechanism to further promote your organisation or to provide us with accurate participation data.

Every person (all ages) attending an introduction to paddlesport session, can receive the British Canoeing Paddle START Award. This digital certificate has your company logo on it to promote your business and encourage repeat bookings. But more than this, it gives a sense of achievement and a GDPR compliant method of collecting participant data. This could apply to: Guided Trips, tour or activities e.g Rafting experiences,Starter Sessions/ Days, Taster Sessions/ Days, Activity Holidays/ experiences.

If you are involved in taking paddlers beyond their first session and on a journey to being more independent, there are even more options to consider:

  • A series of sessions delivered to improve water confidence, personal skills and rescues receive the British Canoeing START or DISCOVER Award digital certificate with your company logo.
  • Sessions focused on a paddlesport discipline can be linked to the relevant Personal Performance Award, so your customers can receive National Governing Body recognition for their development.
  • British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards can be used as a stepping stone to Coaching and Leadership courses.
  • As part of your British Canoeing Leadership training or assessment, candidates can receive acknowledgement of their personal skills through a specific British Canoeing Personal Performance Award. For example, the Progressive White Water Award as part of a White Water Leader Programme.
  • Alongside the British Canoeing Paddlesport Instructor, candidates can be offered the opportunity to complete the relevant Personal Performance Award to upskill in a different craft.
Lead member of staff to hold a relevant British Canoeing Coaching or Leadership Qualification

Deliver Partners to have a lead member of staff with overall responsibility for paddlesport. This could be a senior member of staff and/or a Paddlesport Lead who holds a relevant British Canoeing Coaching and /or Leadership qualification and is a key person in the partnership. For the purposes of the partnership, this person will be referred to as the Head of Paddlesports.

An organisation can choose how it meets the requirement of the Head of Paddlesports. This could be one key employee or split between members of their team, or between employees and a technical advisor.

The Head of Paddlesport role is rewarding, demanding and critical to the development of a strong partnership with British Canoeing. They are also key in the development of activity within the organisation, as well as supporting independent paddlers, instructors, leaders and coaches.

The Head of Paddlesport leads on the following areas on behalf of their organisation:

  • Facilitate training for the organisation’s paddlesport delivery team
  • Manage facilities and resources in relation to the delivery of paddlesports
  • Develop safe systems of work for the delivery of paddlesport activity
  • Support continuous, professional development of yourself and the paddlesport’s delivery team
  • Supervise the delivery of paddlesport activity and British Canoeing courses in line with the Provider Service Agreement, Data Processing Agreement and Course Documentation.

As a key role within the partnership, the Heads of Paddlesports will act as a liaison to British Canoeing and the National Associations, sharing participation statistics, completion of surveys and contribution to consultations and working groups.

Committed to staff engaging in British Canoeing qualifications

Staff are provided with the opportunity to engage in British Canoeing qualifications and awards, to ensure they are well placed and supported to meet your customer’s needs.

  • As an employer, you will already be providing appropriate training and continual development. One great way to support this is to utilise the British Canoeing Qualifications as part of your teams learning and development.
  • British Canoeing Qualifications and Awards could be integrated to the staff and volunteer recruitment and deployment process. Job descriptions, Person Specifications and recruitment advertising could include the essential qualification requirements as well as a recognition of higher level qualifications (including the Guide Endorsement).
  • Actively promote staff to engage in their Continual Professional Development through their National Association membership records.
  • Develop and implement staff induction and training processes that could include British Canoeing and National Association educational programmes, online or practical.
Commitment to be considerate of the environment

Delivery Partners commit to taking an active step in their responsibility to minimise the impact on the environment.

  • Commit to protecting the places we all paddle
  • Promote, organise or participate in waterways ‘clean ups’
  • Implement appropriate processes to recycle materials and organise appropriate waste disposal
  • Consider the use of sustainably resourced materials for the delivery of paddlesport sessions, for example, avoiding the use of single use plastics
  • Actively promote biosecurity by training staff and carry out ‘Check Clean Dry’ procedures when using freshwater venues
  • Consideration when parking and launching
  • Commit to minimise your footprint on the environment and wildlife.
A pledge to social responsibility

Delivery Partners commit to supporting the wider paddlesport community, ensuring fair representation, equality and appropriate behaviours.

  • Follow legislation and good practice by establishing policies and procedures aligned to ethical legislation and equality standards
  • Implement employee centred values and behaviours
  • Treat customers, suppliers and business partners in a fair and honest fashion
  • Ensure fair and accurate advertising of your services
  • Consideration of ethical purchasing (minisies social and/or environmental damage)
British Canoeing's Pledge To You

As part of the Delivery Partner Charter, British Canoeing pledge to:

  • Provide a high quality digital platform to promote your business
  • Manage online services and provide insight to Delivery Partners
  • Work together to enhance your digital presence
  • Personalised certification for the Start and Discover Awards
  • Provide online advice and guidance
  • Allow access to course administration and staff checks*
  • Ensure appropriate access to learning and development opportunities*
  • Develop individualised support specific to Delivery Partners*

Basic listing option

The free option means you will not be a British Canoeing Partner. It doesn't offer any partner package benefits and you will not be able to promote yourself as a Partner to your customers. You ONLY get a LOW PRIORITY listing on Go Paddling with:
  • Your organisation name and location
  • Your organisation email address
  • Three service listings

Partnership - what you'll miss

Our entry level Bronze package is only around £8 a month and offers benefits that can help your business fly. These include:
  • Full, priority listing and short bio
  • Organisation logo on Start and Discover certificates
  • Your own dedicated promotional page on Go Paddling
  • Access to your own page admin area
To boost your business hit Choose Partnership below to return to the Charter page and use the Become a Partner button to sign up to Bronze today.
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