Find UK paddling trails

Find UK paddling trails

To help you find, kayaking, SUP, or canoeing near you, we have developed a range of Paddling Trails. These are easy-to-access kayaking routes, canoeing routes and SUP routes.

Below is our Paddling Trails finder. Simply enter a postcode or town/city into the look up to discover paddling trails near you across the UK.

Our trails come as downloadable PDFs that contain all the information you need to plan a great day paddling.

They contain times, local amenities, safety information, advice, and more. You can also download GPX location files to add to your favourite tech.

Find a Paddling Trail

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Getting the most from UK Paddling Trails

Before heading out don’t forget to top up your paddling knowledge in our Tips and Advice area here. We have a wealth of content to help you get most from your kayaking, canoeing, and SUP.

If this is your first time using a canoe, kayak or SUP you may want to try a Start or Discover course. These will give you the basic skills you need to feel confident on the water.

Finally, if you have your own idea for a Paddling Trail get in contact.