Explore Award

Explore Award

Looking to hone in your skills before you head off on a paddle trail? If you’ve completed the Start or Discover award, want to develop your skills before moving on to Personal Performance Awards, or just want to build your confidence, the Explore award is for you!

What is the Explore award?

If you want to become independent on the water, go on self-guided adventures and know how to control your craft and stay safe on the water, this is the award for you. If you’ve never been paddling before, it might be worth starting with the Start and Discover awards. In this award you will take ownership of your own decisions and learn to make confidence choices, based on the places you paddle, wind and weather.

Who is it for?

Anyone can take the Explore award. Designed to help you gain confidence on the water, it is aimed at any craft, age and ability.

Where can you do it?

There are clubs, centres and coaches off this award up and down the country who offer this course. To find an Explore Award course near you, visit our awards provider look up here. You can book your place by contacting the individual club or centre near you, they will have all the information you need.

What does it involve?

There’s a strong emphasis on independence with this award, and the Explore award will fill in the gaps of knowledge you might have so you can get out paddling safely on an adventure! The award covers areas like:

  1. On the water etiquette and how to share the space with other water users
  2. Different environments you can paddle (lakes, rivers, canals, estuaries)
  3. Controlling your kayak, canoe or SUP safely
  4. Clothing and equipment needs for different environments and weather
  5. Safe exploration

What next?

Completed your Explore Award session? Great! You’re ready to get out and have some fun! As a starting point, why not think about:

  1. Heading out on a Paddle Trail
  2. Plan a multi-day adventure or take on a challenge route
  3. Make use of your new found planning skills and create your own adventure