Course Provider Upload Centre for Certification

Welcome to the course provider upload section for managing Start and Discover certification. If you are a Delivery Partner then you can upload and track certificates from your dashboard here. When uploading attendees there are two options: spreadsheet or online form. If using your own spreadsheet for upload, ensure you use columns A, B and C. The column headings need to be First Name, Last Name, and Email. Please note, for Chinese characters and names enter the family name (姓) into the First Name column. Supported formats are .xls, .xlsx, and .csv. Alternatively, click here to download our template sheet and copy and paste your attendees for upload. Once uploaded, attendees should appear pre-filled in the online form. After submitting you will receive an email confirming attendees who have received certificate notifications.

Process and Payment Guidance

For step-by-step PDF guides to certification and payment, please see the Useful Links and Downloads box. Note, if you are uploading Discover attendees you will be charged for each attendee uploaded. Simply hit the dustbin image at the end of each line to delete the attendee details. Payment can be made through either Stripe or PayPal. If you are having any issues, email the Coaching Team at

For coaches and leaders certificating Start and Discover awards you will notice the General Provider option for all national association countries has been removed. You will need to sign up to a basic listing to appear on the drop down. Doing so also gives you the opportunity to have your own promotional page on Go Paddling.

To sign up please visit the Delivery Partner page here and scroll to the bottom. Click on Basic Listing. After clicking, a box will appear where you will need to use the “decline partnership” link. Then you can then proceed to a Non-Partner Listing to get signed up. Alternatively, you could use the same process to become a Delivery Partner. You would then be able to add logos to your certificates, administer them from your own dedicated organisation dashboard, and edit you promotional page.

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