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You need a licence to paddle many England waterways. British Canoeing On the Water membership saves you money on a licence.

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Find paddling trails, look up paddling centres or clubs, search for disability paddling provision, or track down beginner and improver course providers. Choose from the options below.

Paddle-Ability Clubs. Disabled child entering kayak.

Find local paddle-ability providers

Paddle-Ability clubs and centres offer dedicated support for paddlers with a disability. This British Canoeing initiative seeks to focus on the ...
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paddling clubs

Find local paddling clubs

Paddling clubs can teach you new paddling skills, and are a great way of learning about new places to explore ...
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Find a paddling centre. Kids at a paddling centre.

Find local paddling centres

Paddling centres offer a range of exciting paddling experiences for beginners and refreshers. These can be anything from taster sessions ...
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Find a Start or Discover course

Find course providers

If you are looking for a fun way to learn to paddle then you need a Start, Discover, or Explore ...
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Differences between a kayak and a canoe

Find UK paddling trails

Here at Go Paddling we have developed a range of Paddling Trails. These are easy-to-access kayaking trails, canoeing trails and ...
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Find a paddling equipment hire centre.

Paddling equipment hire

When you start out you may not be ready to dive straight in and buy the gear you need. Paddling ...
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