Sea kayaking: 6 top tips to get started

Sea kayaking: 6 top tips to get started

Sea kayaking is a fantastic way for you to see the coastline from a new perspective. Spot seals and sea birds whilst taking in stunning views in this wild environment. We know you’re bursting to get started, so we’ve put together 5 top tips to get you from landlubber to salty sea dog.

6 Top Tips to Start Sea Kayaking

  1. Research – The weather and water conditions have a huge impact when paddling. Check the conditions for your trip and whether they are expected to change. Don’t forget, you need to know what the the tides are doing too.
  2. Practice on estuaries and harbours – If you’ve never been on the sea before, start by practising on more sheltered environments like estuaries and harbours. These will give you experiences of tides, wind conditions and etiquette.
  3. Raid your wardrobe – No need to be catwalk ready but you do need to choose the right outfit. Make like Mary Berry and love your layers! Your outer wear is pretty key too…wetsuit, drysuit, cag and dry trousers? The choice is yours. Don’t forget your sunhat if it’s hot and gloves if it’s not.
  4. Be ready for anything – The safety gear you wear and take is super important. A well fitting buoyancy aid is your best mate on the water. You will also need a means of calling for help and a first aid kit, amongst other things. Whether you’re new to sea kayaking or brand new, check out the information available from the RNLI and always carry a means to call for help.
  5. Know what you’re doing – If you take one bit of advice from us let this be it! The ocean looks exciting…and it is…but it’s only fun if you know what you’re doing. Find a coastal based coach or centre near you, or if lessons aren’t quite your thing though, try finding a guided trip or expedition – these are led all throughout the UK and abroad and allow you to learn key skills whilst taking part in an awesome adventure.
  6. Enjoy the ride! Sea kayaking is all about enjoyment and if you’ve had the right tuition and done your prep, you’ll have a fantastic day on the water. Go have an awesome time!

Did you know…kayaks come in different shapes and sizes. A sea kayak is long and thin, with lots of storage space, making it perfect for travelling long distances in a range of conditions.

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