How To Paddle On Holiday

How To Paddle On Holiday

Holidays are great. They get you away from your normal surroundings and into some new and exciting places. Whether you are having a staycation or crossing the seas to international lands, we all look forward to that holiday. But why limit your exploring to land? Why not look at having a paddling adventure while on your holiday, and take in the views from a new perspective! You don’t necessarily need to lug all your own kit with you, or even own your kit! Check out our guide on how to paddle on holiday.

a man kayaking through a green forest


We can all agree that when you’re on holiday you don’t want to paddle on a boring pond just for the sake of it. So check out PaddlePoints to find the top paddling spots near your destination. You’ll be able to find some stunning trails, picturesque lakes, and blissful beaches that are calling out to be paddled. Make sure you have the right waterway licence to access the water too. You can also get an idea of how long you’ll be paddling for, making sure you still have time to sip cocktails by the pool and relax. 


Like we said at the start of this article, you don’t necessarily need to own and take all the kit with you. When you find your perfect paddling location, have a look around to find the nearest equipment hire. Kayaks, SUP’s, canoes, and all the safety kit you might possibly need without the effort of transporting them. Equally, if you have your own kit then great! Lots of airlines will fly SUP’s and small kayaks, its easy to attached them to your car, or pack inflatables into their bags. Not having the kit can never be an excuse again.

two boards next to clear waters


If you are on holiday, chances are you have gone somewhere new and exciting. Somewhere you aren’t too familiar with, especially when it comes to the water. So it may be worth looking at getting some kind of guidance before heading off on the water. From words of wisdom from local paddlers, to fully guided tours of the area, it will all help you make the most out of your time on the water. You may be pointed in the way of hidden gems to spot, or warned of hazards faced along the way. Have a look at the paddling centres close to your paddling spot and see what they can offer.

Family fun

Make sure your paddling plans are suitable for all the family or friends that you are on holiday with. There are lots of ways to tailor your paddle to suit all, from distance to difficulty. For a lot of us, holidays are about spending time with those friends and family so making sure they can join in is key. 

two children kayaking on a beach

There you go, going on holiday doesn’t mean the paddling takes a break. Explore new water and see new sights by having a paddle on holiday.