Three Lakes Challenge

Three Lakes Challenge

Challenge Distance Time Type
Paddle the longest lakes in Great Britain 43 miles 24h-Year Difficult


The Three Lakes Challenge is designed to test your endurance to the limits. Paddle Great Britain as you take on Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake) in Wales, Windermere in England, and Loch Awe in Scotland.

Previous canoeing experience, careful planning and training is required. However, you can complete this UK kayak, canoe or SUP challenge in your own time, and at your own pace.

The 3 Lakes Challenge suits all motivations, whether it is for a personal challenge, charity fundraising, attempting the fastest time, or just for the enjoyment of a canoeing challenge.

To enter use the individual challenge pages listed in Challenge Links and Downloads below. Please use the same email address for each upload so we can track your progress across the challenges.

When you enter your final challenge of the three you’ll see your combined times. You will be asked if you want your combined times to be entered for the challenge. Simply hit the button, check the data, and post your times to the leader board.


1Gary and Oscar Partridge from Truro Race Canoe Club30th May - 1st Jun 186 hrs 6 mins Not specified
2Craig Duff and Steph Roberts18th - 19th Aug 166 hrs 16 mins Not specified
3Gary Partridge and Oscar Partridge15th - 17th Aug 176 hrs 18 mins Not specified
4Matthew and Jasmyn Thomas from Truro Canoe Race Club30th May - 1st Jun 186 hrs 28 mins Not specified
5Claire Jackson & Janny Spencer14th - 19th Jul 196 hrs 28 mins 23 secsK2 Kayak
6Mark and Samuel Jadav from Truro Race Canoe Club29th May - 1st Jun 186 hrs 53 mins Not specified
7Paul Postill and Cassie Byers15th - 17th Aug 177 hrs 16 mins Not specified
8Bill Sharpe15th - 17th Aug 177 hrs 34 mins Not specified
9Ella and Miriam Walsworth-Bell from Truro Race Canoe Club29th May - 1st Jun 188 hrs 3 mins Not specified
10Patrick Kinsella, Richard Snow and Neil Gilmour8th - 9th Jul 178 hrs 3 mins Not specified
11Nick and Dave Watt1st November 20158 hrs 11 mins Not specified
12Allistair Swinsco, Dean Dunbar, Ian Cormack - Completed in under 24hrs (18 hours including driving)17th Jul 16 - 17th Jul 178 hrs 21 mins 14 secsStand Up Paddle Board
13Peninsula Canoe Club4th July 20159 hrs 22 mins Not specified
14Steve and Julie Watt1st November 20159 hrs 38 mins Not specified
15Chris Partington 12th August 20199 hrs 46 mins Recreational Kayak
16Milton Keynes Canoe Club (Jez Young, Adam Dunmur, Andrew Jeffs, Max McCaffrey, Paul Jeffs, George Fountaine)30th April 20169 hrs 52 mins Not specified
17Team HC (Kelvin Hurlock, Chris Barton, Jamie Barton)1st May 201610 hrs 29 mins Not specified
18Graham Wells23rd - 25th May 1510 hrs 30 mins Not specified
19Craig Atkinson17th - 20th Aug 1910 hrs 37 mins 55 secsTouring/Sea Kayak
20Aubin de Gruchy17th - 20th Aug 1910 hrs 37 mins 55 secsTouring/Sea Kayak
21Andy Sutton, Andy Seagar, Steve Winship and Kevin Spiers16th - 17th Jun 1810 hrs 45 mins Not specified
22Chris Bowler20th Jan - 29th May 1911 hrs 24 mins 12 secsTouring/Sea Kayak
23Vincent Boyle and Philip Pearson - Trailblazers15th - 23rd Jun 1911 hrs 47 mins Touring/Sea Kayak
24Alan Minister and Tim Styles6th June 201811 hrs 54 mins Not specified
25Elaine Nunns18th Jun 16 - 22nd May 1712 hrs 33 mins Not specified
26The Dowson Family18th Mar - 10th Oct 1512 hrs 51 mins Not specified
27Joseph Rosenfeld1st August 201512 hrs 54 mins Not specified
28Foxy & Garland24th - 26th May 1913 hrs 5 mins 1 secTouring/Sea Kayak
29Chris and Christine Eves24th Apr - 11th May 1713 hrs 10 mins Not specified
30William and Caden Horsley7th Apr - 28th Aug 1613 hrs 52 mins Not specified
31Tobey Percival (9yrs) and Darren Lomax28th - 30th Apr 1713 hrs 56 mins Not specified
32Andrew Tweens1st October 201814 hrs 2 mins Not specified
33Andrew Fryer-Kelsey, Joshua Fryer-Kelsey and Tim Redfern18th - 21st Aug 1814 hrs 20 mins Not specified
34Sutton Coldfield Sea Cadets17th - 19th Aug 1815 hrs 34 mins Not specified
35Roger Chandler30th Sep - 2nd Oct 1616 hrs 22 mins Not specified
36Shropshire Paddlesport (Caroline, Phil & Tim Bevan, Sian and Bill Norris)1st August 201516 hrs 45 mins Not specified
37Sian Sykes13th - 15th May 1617 hrs Not specified
38Chris Moore, Ilona Ulme and Kaysee the dog.1st - 4th Aug 1717 hrs Not specified
39Brian and Harrison Wardell2nd October 201618 hrs 43 mins Not specified
40Leam Boat Centre - Bethany Ellis, Francis Fowler, George, Elliot & Edward Parry, Edward H, Jenna Saunders, Libby Robison, Mark Ellis21st - 25th Sep 1622 hrs 51 mins Not specified
41Nathan Parry1st Oct 16 - 1st Jun 1829 hrs 49 mins Not specified