Loch Awe Challenge

Loch Awe Challenge

Challenge Distance Time Type
Paddle the length of Loch Awe 24 miles 4-9h Difficult

Loch Awe Challenge Route


Part of the Three Lakes Challenge

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Loch Awe is the longest freshwater loch in Scotland. It is located in the Argyll and Bute region of West Scotland. Its shoreline stretches to within a few miles of the sea. In our opinion, the Loch Awe challenge route is a contender as one of the most spectacular lochs to paddle. It’s rugged, remote and the landscape is stunning.

The shores are fringed with conifer forests and the northern horizon is dominated by the Ben Cruachan mountain range. Wildlife in the area is legendary. If you are lucky you may spot deer, otters, golden eagles or ospreys from the water. There are also castles you can paddle up to and explore.

The sights from the water on this challenge are hard to beat. It’s not until you are out in the middle of this vast loch that you will truly appreciate its scale and beauty.

Good luck. Just remember that Loch Awe is a large and exposed lake. The weather is prone to change quickly and without warning. It is important you read the full safety guidance in the Loch Awe Challenge information pack below before taking on this challenge route.

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1Gary and Oscar Partridge31st May 20183 hrs 32 mins Not specified
2Craig Duff and Steph Roberts18th August 20163 hrs 38 mins Not specified
3Matthew and Jasmyn Thomas31st May 20183 hrs 46 mins Not specified
4Gary Partridge and Oscar Partridge16th August 20173 hrs 48 mins Not specified
5Claire Jackson & Jenny Spencer14th July 20193 hrs 59 mins 37 secsK2 Kayak
6Mark and Samuel Jadav30th May 20184 hrs Not specified
7Bill Sharpe16th August 20174 hrs 19 mins Not specified
8Paul Postill and Cassie Byers16th August 20174 hrs 20 mins Not specified
9CAMERON AND LEE ANNE CRAWFORD 23rd September 20214 hrs 21 mins Touring/Sea Kayak
10U IDIOTS 227th June 20214 hrs 28 mins Inflatable Kayak
11Nick and Dave Watt1st November 20154 hrs 41 mins Not specified
12Ella and Miriam Walsworth-Bell30th May 20184 hrs 44 mins Not specified
13Patrick Kinsella, Richard Snow and Neil Gilmour9th July 20174 hrs 51 mins Not specified
14Allistair Swinsco, Dean Dunbar, Ian Cormack17th July 20175 hrs 7 mins 9 secsStand Up Paddle Board
15Glyn Watkins, David Watkins, Reg Simpson, Russ Rawlinson, Chris Sandiford3rd September 20165 hrs 15 mins Not specified
16Milton Keynes Canoe Club30th April 20165 hrs 15 mins Not specified
17Peninsula Canoe Club4th July 20155 hrs 24 mins Not specified
18Team HC1st May 20165 hrs 32ins mins Not specified
19Steve and Julie Watt1st November 20155 hrs 40 mins Not specified
20Graham Wells23rd May 20155 hrs 43 mins Not specified
21Craig Atkinson20th August 20196 hrs 4 mins 26 secsTouring/Sea Kayak
22Aubin de Gruchy20th August 20196 hrs 4 mins 26 secsTouring/Sea Kayak
23Craig Atkinson20th August 20196 hrs 4 mins 26 secsTouring/Sea Kayak
24Aubin de Gruchy20th August 20196 hrs 4 mins 26 secsTouring/Sea Kayak
25Chris Partington & Eric Lunt12th August 20196 hrs 7 mins Recreational Kayak
26Avon Aardvarks Canoe Club22nd May 20226 hrs 7 mins 45 secsOpen Canoe
27Chris Bowler29th May 20196 hrs 23 mins Touring/Sea Kayak
28Jeremy Dable24th August 20196 hrs 30 mins Touring/Sea Kayak
29Jeremy Dable24th August 20196 hrs 30 mins Touring/Sea Kayak
30The Dowson Family23rd May 20156 hrs 30 mins Not specified
31Vincent Boyle and Philip Pearson - Trailblazers23rd June 20197 hrs 2 mins Touring/Sea Kayak
32Alan Minister and Tim Styles6th June 20187 hrs 21 mins Not specified
33Joseph Rosenfeld1st August 20157 hrs 24 mins Not specified
34Chris and Christine Eves11th May 20177 hrs 25 mins Inflatable Kayak
35Foxy & Garland25th May 20197 hrs 36 mins 46 secsTouring/Sea Kayak
36William and Caden Horsley28th August 20167 hrs 53 mins Not specified
37Andrew Fryer-Kelsey, Joshua Fryer-Kelsey and Tim Redfern21st August 20187 hrs 58 mins Not specified
38Andrew Tween, Scott Rogers and Tim Hale14th October 20168 hrs 45 mins Not specified
39Kate Sharples, Barbara Broderick and Ruth25th May 20159 hrs Not specified
40Lizzie James22nd March 20229 hrs 26 mins 10 secsStand Up Paddle Board
41Slea Paddlers (group of 12)28th May 20179 hrs 30 mins Not specified
42Brian and Harrison Wardell29th May 20169 hrs 32 mins Not specified
43Roger Chandler2nd October 20169 hrs 40 mins Stand Up Paddle Board
44Sian Sykes15th May 201610 hrs Stand Up Paddle Board
45Shropshire Paddlesport19th August 201510 hrs Not specified
46Chris Moore, Ilona Ulme and Kaysee the dog.1st August 201710 hrs 50 mins Not specified
47Leam Boat Centre - Children and Adults25th September 201612 hrs 16 mins Not specified
48Ollie Nawrat7th May 202213 hrs 59 mins 48 secsStand Up Paddle Board
49Sutton Coldfield Sea Cadets19th August 201815 hrs 34 mins Not specified
50Nathan Parry27th June 201819 hrs 24 mins Not specified