SUP yoga: the basics

SUP yoga: the basics

SUP yoga has really exploded onto the scene in the last few years, appealing to water sports enthusiasts, yogis and outdoor lovers alike. It’s appeal, mainly down to the fact that it’s something different, visually appealing and fun, has meant this once unknown form of exercise has catapulted into the mainstream.

What is SUP yoga?

Exactly what it says on the tin. It’s yoga, on a stand up paddleboard.

Where can I try SUP yoga?

Well, anywhere you can find a class really.

There are plenty of SUP yoga classes across the country. If you just head to google and type ‘SUP yoga’ followed by your location (ie Nottingham, Birmingham, London), you’ll be surprised how many classes you come across. Tip: use a larger search area – if you live in a village or small town, search for the county or nearest city. Alternatively, if there’s nothing near you, why not just give yoga a try on your own paddleboard, or hire one from a local centre!? Keep your eyes on the Go Paddling website for some easy flows and poses for you to try on your own board!

When can I try SUP yoga?

Any time of year. But if you’ve never tried it before, the spring and summer months will probably be best as the water and air will be warmer, just incase you fall in!

Who can try SUP yoga?

Anyone who wants to give it a go. You don’t need to have been on a paddleboard, or even tried yoga before to attend most classes. The emphasis is around trying new things, having fun and being active. Of course, if you’re trying it on your own board, it might be worth having a few sessions on land first to give you an idea of the basics.

Why should I try SUP yoga?

It’s great for balance, mobility and mindfulness. You’ll meet new friends and exercise whilst laughing… lots! Plus, you don’t need any fancy kit… for most classes you book onto, all you need are your normal workout clothes (plus a towel and change of clothes of course).

How can I practice SUP yoga?

Easily! You’ll just need:

  1. To find a local class (or your own board/hired board)
  2. Some lightweight workout clothes and flip flops (for getting on and off the board)
  3. A sense of humour and desire to have fun

Have we persuaded you to give it a try yet?

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