How to Protect your Inflatable in the Heat

How to Protect your Inflatable in the Heat

With the weather warm, the sun coming out, and longer days, getting out on the water on your inflatable craft is looking more and more appealing. Inflatable paddleboards and kayaks are brilliantly convenient. They fit in your car, pump up quickly, and are great family fun on the water. To keep this fun going for the weeks, months and years to come you need to look after your inflatable. Some top aftercare tips are washing and drying it post paddle, being careful where you put it down and store it, and getting any repairs done quickly and effectively. 

However, one of the biggest inflatable care tips we can offer is being careful in the heat. The sun, UV rays, and high temperatures can do all sorts to an inflatable, so it is worth checking the weather forecast and being as careful as possible. Here are our top tips for protecting your inflatable in the heat. 

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  1. Pressure – Think back to school science, and learning about how gases expand in heat. This is what is happening inside your inflatable in the heat. And with this expansion the pressure is going to increase. A key point worth remembering when your kit is off the cooler water. Inflate your inflatable to a few PSI below the recommended pressure so the air has room to expand. 
  2. Cool it down – Keeping it as cool as possible will help to reduce the air inside expanding and the pressure growing. The best ways to do this are by keeping the inflatable wet or putting it in the shade. The heat will also effect the glue used to hold and reinforce the seams, potentially affecting the integrity of them.
  3. Deflate where possible – Wherever possible, deflate the inflatable or at least let some air down so it is a fraction of the recommended PSI. This would mainly be when transporting the inflatable. Rather than keeping it inflated and attaching it to a car roof, deflate it and put it in the car. Reducing the inflatables exposure to direct sunlight. 
  4. Listen out for it – Chances are you will hear any small issues with your inflatable before you see them. Any small problems can easily and quickly escalate to bigger inflatable ending problems. You can listen out for any small punctures or problems, and get them repaired. 

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If you try to remember these top tips you shouldn’t get any surprises on your paddle out. Protecting your inflatable in the heat is as important as protecting yourself. Just remember to keep yourself safe in the summer heat, take your mobile with you for photos and safety, and follow all the safety advice available.