Taking your mobile paddling

Taking your mobile paddling

No matter where you are paddling, there is always a list of safety kit you should take with you. From a simple buoyancy aid to satellite radios, what you need is always going to be different based on your location. However, one simple bit of kit you should always have is your mobile phone. Taking your mobile paddling is key.

Your mobile phone is a key piece of kit that is often not thought about. However, should the worst happen and you need help, your mobile phone is brilliant. If you ensure it is in a waterproof pouch and easily accessible, then it can help save your life. 

take your mobile paddling

If you or a member of your group run into trouble, and emergency help is needed, then all you need to do is call 999 and ask for either the coastguard or fire and rescue. This will save you precious time in getting the help needed. 

Don’t rely on others to carry their phones, or spot that you are in trouble. Get yourself a waterproof pouch for your phone and have it to hand when you go out paddling. On your hunt for a phone pouch, it is worth remembering that Paddle UK members get 30% off all Aquapac products