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Other Local Partners

Canoe Trail - 2 miles

Northamptonshire Scouts SASU - 19 miles

Grafham Water Centre - 13 miles

Discover Waterways in this Area

River Great Ouse

The “King of all Ouse’s,” the River Great Ouse runs for a whopping 143 miles! Starting life near Syresham and flowing through East Anglia, the river passes through the historic market town of Kings Lynn before entering the Wash. It has been historically important for trade but post-industrial revolution has…

River Cam

Measuring 43 miles in length, the River Cam is a beautiful paddle on a sunny day. The River Cam is one of Cambridge’s most popular features with tourists and residents alike. On a hot sunny day you will often see swathes of ‘punt’ boats occupying the river. As you paddle…

New Bedford River

Distance: 20.8 miles The 21-mile New Bedford River is a man-made by-pass of the River Great Ouse at the Fens in Cambridgeshire. It is a tidal stretch of river. You may also know it as the Hundred Foot Drain. This is because of the distance between the tops of the…

River Nene

Pronounced ‘Nen’ or ‘Nin’ depending where you’re from, the River Nene is a large river in the Centre/East of England. From source to sea, the river measures around 100 miles, and is the 10th longest river in the UK. Rising in Northamptonshire and flowing North East to the Wash at…

Forty Foot Drain

The Forty Foot Drain in Cambridgeshire is an artificial drainage river in Cambridgeshire. It is also known as Vermuyden's Drain Located in the Fens, in a relatively flat and exposed part of the country, it is only 10 miles long. Stretching between Wells Bridge, where it joins the River Nene,…

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