Trent Loop Challenge

Trent Loop Challenge

Challenge Distance Time Type
Paddle the Trent and Nottingham/Beeston Canal 14 miles 2-5h Intermediate

River Trent Loop Challenge


Nottingham’s waterways, including the river Trent Loop Challenge, offer a fascinating glimpse into the rich heritage of the city.
Voted ‘Home of English Sport’ by Visit England in 2015, this challenge certainly reflects its rich sporting background.

On your route you will be able to spot both Nottingham Forest and Notts County‘s football grounds. You will also pass by the legendary Trent Bridge cricket ground, and the National Water Sports Centre, where some of the country’s top paddlesport athletes train.

The real beauty of this route is the diversity of landscape. It takes you from the busy and yet peaceful countryside around Holme Pierrepont, out to the heart of Nottingham.

From here the route along the Nottingham and Beeston Canal will show you some of the oldest and best known landmarks of Nottingham’s past and present industry. You then turn at Beeston, back to the beautiful scenery along the River Trent.

Don’t be fooled however, this is no gentle paddle. Its length and portages mean that a good level of paddling fitness is required before embarking.

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1Shaune Walsh12th June 20171 hr 42 mins Not specified
2Craig Duff and Cadi Lambert30th May 20172 hrs 13 mins K2 Kayak
3Allistair Swinsco & Alison Rennie 7th September 20202 hrs 38 mins 33 secsStand Up Paddle Board
4Allistair Swinsco and Alison Rennie2nd August 20183 hrs 3 mins Not specified
5Gary Van Beers3rd September 20193 hrs 11 mins 37 secsTouring/Sea Kayak
6Richard Sainsbury and Glyn Sainsbury17th April 20173 hrs 18 mins Not specified
7Chris Moore, Ilona Ulme and Kaysee the dog.30th September 20173 hrs 30 mins Not specified
8Stacey Smithson, Kevin Last and Jonathan Herbert12th May 20183 hrs 30 mins Not specified
9Lynsey Blackburn and Georgina Scoular17th July 20183 hrs 41 mins Not specified
10Vicky Nield and Richard Taylor1st June 20173 hrs 57 mins Not specified
11Elaine Nunns18th May 20184 hrs Not specified
12Quentin De Nottingham4th February 20174 hrs 18 mins Not specified
13Hamish Cameron Glyn Brackenbury18th May 20194 hrs 31 mins 18 secsStand Up Paddle Board
14Vince, Connor and Morgann McKeown2nd July 20174 hrs 42 mins Not specified
15William Horsley, Caden Horsley and Jack Lowe15th April 20174 hrs 55 mins Not specified
16Andrew Brown5th March 20164 hrs 56 mins Not specified
17Sue Walters14th August 20165 hrs Not specified
18Chris and Christine Eves10th October 20165 hrs Not specified
19Sian Sykes31st October 20165 hrs Not specified
20Michael Clarke20th July 20195 hrs 38 mins Recreational Kayak
21Grisbo13th August 20195 hrs 42 mins Inflatable Kayak
22Dane Butler, Barry Mair, Patricia Matthews, Richard Arden, Steve Callaby, Kevin Matthews, Miriam Holden, Jon Hird, Paul Pattinson, Amanda Huckle, Brian Wardell, Robert Huckle, Daniel Marsh, William Hillaby, Ryan Tittershill, Matthew Huckle19th March 20175 hrs 45 mins Not specified
23Slea Paddlers16th September 20186 hrs 39 mins Not specified
24The JAMM family26th July 20187 hrs Not specified