River Wye 85 Mile Challenge

River Wye 85 Mile Challenge

Challenge Distance Time Type
Paddle the Length of the Wye 85 miles Days Difficult

River Wye 85 Mile Challenge


Now here’s a REAL challenge. The River Wye 85 Mile Challenge is our longest route. Designed to be taken on over multiple days, this beautiful challenge takes you on a journey along the border of England and Wales.

The Wye is regarded as one of the finest lowland landscapes in Britain with plants and animal life of international importance. On the river you can see kingfishers, otters and salmon. In the Forest of Dean, wild boar and deer roam freely.

The route is mainly flat water with some simple grade 1 rapids and fast moving water as well as a grade 2 rapid at Symonds Yat.

Enjoy the unspolit wonders of the Wye as you challenge yourself to complete this adventure. Take on the route at a leisurely speed or try to bust it. Either way, register your completed challenge with us to receive your certificate and get on the leaderboard.

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1chris moore and illona ulme16th - 19th Jun 1915 hrs 24 mins Open Canoe
2chris moore and illona ulme16th - 19th Jun 1915 hrs 24 mins Open Canoe
3Vincent Boyle Philip Pearson Robert Simpson Trailblazers7th - 10th Oct 1915 hrs 30 mins 43 secsTouring/Sea Kayak
4Paul O'Dwyer22nd - 23rd Oct 2116 hrs 49 mins 43 secsStand Up Paddle Board
5Martin Radford & Andrew Osbaldiston17th - 20th Sep 2018 hrs 32 mins 49 secsSit on Top
6Simon & Helly Powell (bipaddle shenanigans)26th - 29th Oct 2219 hrs 28 mins 15 secsOpen Canoe
7Will & Cadey Horsley (& dog)21st - 24th Aug 2020 hrs Open Canoe
8Michael Coombes20th - 23rd May 2220 hrs 32 mins Recreational Kayak
9Darren Parkin17th - 19th Jun 2222 hrs 30 mins Open Canoe
10Matt Dent, Alex Farrow, Adam Selby, Will Waters12th - 14th Aug 2124 hrs 29 mins Inflatable Kayak
11Martin Radford & Andrew Osbaldiston17th - 20th Sep 2025 hrs 52 mins 43 secsSit on Top
12Louise, James, Charlie (11) and Laurie (8) and Obi the dog12th Aug 18 - 17th Aug 1925 hrs 55 mins Open Canoe
13Pentonville Wye 100 Team3rd - 6th Jun 1926 hrs 10 mins 40 secsOpen Canoe
14Cath and James Coolican Smith26th - 29th Jul 1929 hrs 29 mins 3 secsCrossover Kayak
15Gary French15th - 17th Jun 2129 hrs 58 mins Inflatable Kayak
16GORDON GALE29th Jul - 2nd Aug 2032 hrs 48 mins Open Canoe
17Richard and Andrew COE14th - 16th Jul 2234 hrs 22 mins Recreational Kayak
18Andrew Coe14th - 16th Jul 2259 hrs 24 mins Recreational Kayak
19Oliver Jones31st Aug - 4th Sep 2191 hrs 27 mins Touring/Sea Kayak
20Adam Coyne Adam1st - 4th Sep 2191 hrs 27 mins Inflatable Kayak