Where can I find some routes to paddle?

On the Go Paddling website, of course. We have a choice of over 170 oven-ready PDF trails for you to download, the option to find and create your own routes on PaddlePoints, or find routes by river or canal.

  1. Search here for a downloadable Paddle Trail near you. If there is nothing near you, try PaddlePoints
  2. Find routes created by other paddlers and create routes yourself with PaddlePoints. If you’d like to find spots to get on/off your local waterways, this amazing resource will show you were to go.
  3. If you have your eye on a particular river or canal, then you can find a host of information on our Explore Rivers and Explore Canals pages. Each page contains: PaddlePoints, Trails, licence information, and flora and fauna and history to look out for while you paddle.