Top 10 paddling films to watch during lockdown

Top 10 paddling films to watch during lockdown

We know you’re all itching to get back on the water, and we are too. But until the day comes when we can paddle the lovely canals, rivers, seas and lakes once more, we thought we’d give you some film inspiration to keep you going!

Below are our top 10 paddling-related films to watch during lockdown. Let us know if you think we’ve missed a crucial hit through our Facebook or Instagram channel!

Top 10 Paddling Films to watch during Lockdown

  1. Moana – 2016 – a Disney classic. Dubbed a kids classic (but of course adored by adults too), the animated Moana is a sea voyaging enthusiast and the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators. When her island’s fishermen can’t catch any fish and the crops fail, Moana sets off on an epic journey across the Pacific. Starring The Rock with music by the incredibly talented Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  2. Big World – Youtube – a father and son go on the adventure of a lifetime during their ‘spring break.’ Ditching Disney land (sorry Moana) for a week-long stand-up-paddleboarding journey down the Karnali and Bheri Rivers in Western Nepal.
  3. As the Crow Flies – a beautiful cinematic film following injured soldier and paracanoe athlete Nick Beighton & team. Showing you the United Kingdom as you have never seen it before. This film is a voyage into the human psyche and weaves its narrative through the massive challenges the team faced, both physical and psychological.
  4. Expeditions with Steve Backshall – UKTV Play – OK ok so not a film per se. But worthy of making the list nonetheless! We’re a massive fan of Stevie B here, and this one is one of our favourites (despite the fact he nearly died).
  5. The  River Wild – 1994 – Gail (played by Meryl Streep) decides to leave her daughter with her parents and take her family to raft down a wild river where she was a guide.
  6. Home – Vimeo on Demand – Between 2011 and 2015 UK adventurer Sarah Outen traversed the globe by bike, kayak and rowing boat, travelling over 20,000 miles by human power alone. Home intimately and unflinchingly captures Sarah’s journey, telling a story of heart and soul, struggle and joy and one woman’s trek towards true emotional acceptance.
  7. Paddling for Sue – Vimeo – Sue fought a battle against cancer for eight years and finally succumbed to the disease in November 2016. A group of family and friends intend to honour Sue’s memory by taking on the challenge of circumnavigating the island of Guernsey by kayak.
  8. Without a Paddle – 2004 comedy starring Matthew Lillard. After their friend dies, three men decide to fulfill their childhood dream by going on a camping and paddling expedition for the lost D. B. Cooper bounty, with calamitous results.
  9. Same River Twice – 1996 – Another rafting film, who knew rafting was so dramatic!? Kurt, Stan, Mikey and Skinner lose their friend Buck to a rafting accident. Years later, they revisit the river for a last rafting race and discover they do not want to risk their lives.
  10. Beyond the River – Amazon Prime – only released in the UK last year, this beautifully shot tale of courage and bravery is based on a true story which follows the infamous canoe marathon race in South Africa, the Dusi.

That should be enough to keep you going for a few weeks! But with the last blockbuster related to paddling released over 4 years ago, we think it’s about time for another… come on Hollywood, what have you got for us?!