The female paddling community: 3 ways to embrace #ShePaddles online

The female paddling community: 3 ways to embrace #ShePaddles online

Whether you’re new to paddling or you’ve been doing it for years, it’s always great to link up with other female paddlers. The Women’s Paddling Community on Facebook is the perfect place for you to do that. This super supportive group was set up to encourage more women to start and keep paddling.

Paddling can be a brilliantly sociable sport and hobby, but with local restrictions and varying levels of meetups allowed, it’s not always possible to meet up in person. That, coupled with maybe having a small female paddling community at your local club is where the women’s paddling community online really comes into its own! But what is this community? And how can I get involved?

Here are three great ways you can use the Women’s Paddling Community to share the #ShePaddles love and make your paddling even more fun.

Ask for tips and advice

  1. Not sure where to go paddling? Baffled by what gear you need? Want to know the best way to master a new technique? Fear not; with the knowledge of 1,700 members, you will find some great advice and tips when you ask in the community. You’ll find you’re not the only one who wants to know the answer! What’s great about the community is that you can ask very female specific questions without fear of judgement… it’s a safe space to share all those questions you wish you could ask!

Make new friends

  1. Paddling is always better with friends but there’s not always someone free when you want to head to the water. The paddling community is great for meeting new paddlers in your area! Discover new spots to paddle and build your confidence with other awesome women. Just give a shout out in the group – you might meet your new best friend!

Share your stories

  1. Everyone loves to celebrate a triumph and share an ‘almost there’ moment. If you’ve managed your first time standing up on a paddle board, finally mastered your roll or run a new river for the first time, share your story in the group. Fell off the paddle board? Didn’t quite nail the roll? River didn’t go as planned? Share that too! We’re all human and all deserve a cheer when it goes right and support when it doesn’t.

Sold? We hope so. If you’re a female paddler and looking for a great place to connect with others, head to the Women’s Paddling Community now and share the #ShePaddles love.

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