Staying Safe with PaddleLIVE® on the Paddle Logger App

Staying Safe with PaddleLIVE® on the Paddle Logger App

When it comes to paddling safely, we always recommend having a means of communication on you, so you can call for help if you get into any trouble. Well, why not take things one paddle stroke further, and level up your paddling by using the Paddle Logger app.

Paddle Logger is the perfect app for paddlers, allowing you to record your epic sessions on the water, view trip details and track your long term progress with goals. The app is free to download and get tracking, giving you the opportunity to share paddle sessions on social media as well as access to a global community in the Paddle Logger Paddle Club

But that’s not all…the app also has a very useful tool for keeping you safe on the water using PaddleLIVE®. This feature allows you to get on the water with minimal fuss, safe in the knowledge that loved ones will be able to see where you are, and they get a notification if you have got into difficulty. Think of it as your paddling guardian.

Intrigued? Who better to share some of the amazing tips and benefits of PaddleLIVE®, than fellow paddler and founder of Paddle Logger, David Walker…

What is PaddleLIVE®?

One of the biggest things we all love and share is the simplicity of paddlesports. Good practice before you head out is to create a paddle plan and tell someone where you are going and when you might be back. PaddleLIVE® simply automates and improves this. So rather than sending multiple messages, you can get to your spot and start tracking. The app does the rest, notifying pre-determined contacts of your plans and keep them informed of your progress. They also receive a digital flare if you get into difficulty. As a paddler you only need to tap one button and get on the water – safer.

Is it just that simple?

Pretty much, when we first designed the service, the goal was to make it as easy to use as possible whether you are a casual paddler who has only been out a few times, or someone who is on the water multiple times a week.

When you first open PaddleLIVE® you will be invited to add a number of emergency contacts. We advise at least 2 or more for contingency. You will also be prompted to set a trip length and a period for extension. This short set up only needs to be completed once.

Then every time you head out the app is ready to go. If your plans change at your spot, it is very simple to update your expected trip length from the mini display on the Paddle Screen.

So what happens during a trip?

Once you have tapped the “Go” button your contacts can be notified that you are on the water. They will receive a message stating that you are going paddling, how long for and how they can keep track of you – if they wish. Towards the end of your session, you will get a notification asking if you would like to extend the session time. If you do not check-in. A digital flare will be sent in the form of a message to your emergency contact. It will advise them that you went paddling and expected to be back safely. They will be directed to a trip map with last known positions, battery data and your route map. They can try to get in touch and use this information to see where you are and affect an efficient rescue if required. If during your session you get into trouble you can also fire the digital flare yourself. This will send a different message letting your contact know you have requested help. All locations are given in co-ordinate and what3words formats.

Assuming everything is ok, what happens?

If you have had a great paddle and made it back safely. Then your emergency contact will not be alarmed. They can still check your location, see you have made it back and if your lucky put the kettle on ready for when you get home! PaddleLIVE® is just one part of a suite of features BC members get discounted access too. For little over £1 a month, for as many or few sessions as you can get on the water. So when you have finished your session, you can go back and explore it with detailed maps, understand your performance, delve into your fitness stats, compete using Race Mode. Or even simply share some awesome memories with your friends!

As winter draws in hopefully these features will entice more people to safely and responsibly take to the water.

Absolutely, while we love paddling in the sun, it is easy to forget how magical winter paddling can be. Some of our best sessions have been on a cold still autumnal morning. Paddle Logger is also a standalone app on the Apple Watch. Which means, when you do have your wetsuit gloves on, you don’t need to be fumbling with touchscreens, drybags and numb fingers. 

Top Tip: In an emergency you can call the emergency services directly should you need, with the physical buttons on your devices. As PaddleLIVE® is either on your wrist, or your iPhone’s Lock Screen, you can rapidly see and give location data. No need to waste time trying to unlock a smartphone!


Remember with a few months left in the year, there is still time to get on the water and smash your paddle goals, ready to set some new ones in Paddle Logger in January!

PaddleLIVE® is available with a  Paddle Logger Subscription. Paddle UK members can access 50% off their Paddle Logger Subscription. Head over to the members hub to find out how to claim your discount. You can also read another one of our articles, sharing some other useful paddling apps you can download.