Paddling with friends: 5 ways to get your pals paddling

Paddling with friends: 5 ways to get your pals paddling

Paddling with friends is a great way to get fit, socialise, exercise and chill out from the daily stresses of life all at the same time.

If you’re struggling to find ways to persuade your pals to pick up a paddle, or just want some fresh ideas on how to get them involved, we’ve taken all the thinking out of it for you.

Why not give one of these things a try next time you want to go paddling with friends?

Organise or take part in a river cleanup

If you are looking to go paddling with friends to socialise, have fun and do the environment a favour too, why not organise or take part in a river cleanup? Charities like Surfers Against Sewage organise beach clean ups, with many members also arranging river clean ups at the same time too. Alternatively, you could contact your local club or centre and see if they have any planned? Or plan your own!

Try a paddle trail

With over 160 paddle trails across the country, there’s a trail near everyone, for everyone. You could gather your friends and organise a day trip to somewhere new? Or even take a long weekend and tackle a cluster of trails together. There are some great options in the Norfolk Broads, Lake District and on the River Wye. So many options to choose from!

Try a new type of paddling together

Where do we even start with this one… you could try rafting, stand up paddle boarding, SUP yoga, sprint racing, freestyle, an introduction to white water… Keep a look out at your local clubs and centres for open days or taster sessions and workshops. There’s an endless list of new things to try on the water!

Take a challenge together

The Go Paddling challenges range from 7 miles along the London Legacy Loop, all the way up to 85 miles along the River Wye, so whether you want to pootle and register your time together, or have one big race between you all, you can set the challenge as easy or hard as you like!

Learn new skills together

Always fancied being able to roll? Want to improve at ‘reading’ flowing water and lines? Maybe you want to nail a handstand on a SUP? Or even take up sea kayaking for a summer adventure? Gather your friends together and figure out something you all want to learn to do on the water. You can either teach each other or attend a session where you can learn that skill!