Keeping Your Kit Clean

Keeping Your Kit Clean

Looking after your gear is key to making it last and perform how it should. Making sure it is all washed, cleaned, and dried properly is at the centre of looking after your kit. But all know that sometimes accidents happen and you forget to fully clean it, you haven’t got time to wash it, or it lives in a wet bag for a day too long. So here is Gill’s guide to getting mould off your kit, and making sure your down and insulated layers get clean.

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How to remove mould from your waterproof garments

Mould growing on waterproof garments is a common occurrence and happens when products are stored in a damp, humid environment for some time. Not only can mould make your lovely kit look less appealing, but it can also massively effect the performance. So here is what Gill recommend doing to get rid of any mould you find on your paddling kit.


  1. Fill a bucket (or kitchen sink) with warm water
  2. Add ½ cup of white vinegar and ½ cup of Oxi Action in Wash Stain Remover
  3. Mix until everything is dissolved


  1. Submerge your waterproof garment into the bucket
  2. Take a soft bristled brush (an old nail brush is ideal), and gently scrub the mould stains


  1. Once you have scrubbed all the stains, remove your product from the water and ensure any excess liquid is shaken off
  2. Place the product on a flat surface and leave the garment to air dry, preferably outdoors – avoid leaving in direct sunlight.

An ideal jacket for paddling is the Gill Pro Top (Men’s and Women’s style). A perfect top to keep the water off your base layers so you can stay warm!

Torso of a male fastening a Gill Pro jacket

Cleaning Down and Insulated Products

Many think that Down is hard to care for and that washing can cause a lumpy, flat and ruined product. This is not the case! By following our carefully put together steps, we promise your jacket will look good as new for off the water.


  1. Ensure that all valuables are removed from pockets
  2. All zips must be securely fastened


  1. Only wash one garment at a time, removing the risk of damage
  2. Always use a non-biological detergent. The chemicals used in biological detergent are often too abrasive and can damage any coating applied to the product

Care tip: Always remember to check the wash temperature stated on your products care label.


  1. Carefully Squeeze any excess water from the product before placing in the tumble dryer
  2. Add 2-3 drying balls to the load (tennis balls also work perfectly)
  3. Choose a low heat setting (make sure to double check the temperature on your products care label). Too high of a heat setting can damage the down feathers
  4. Once the cycle is finished, place the product on a flat surface and pat down with your hands, this will help to free up the down feathers and avoid clumping
  5. Repeat this process until the product is fully lofted

If there clumps of down can still be felt, then this is an indication that the product is not completely dry, Then repeat the drying process.

Ideal jacket for off the water is Gill’s Hydrophobe Jacket (Men’s and Women’s). This is a down jacket that also offers water repellent properties reducing the need to carry multiple jackets.

Woman in a Gill Hydrophobe down jacket