August Paddle Challenge

August Paddle Challenge

August Paddle30, 60, 120 Miles31 Days

Challenge Stickers Claimed 2019

30 Mile Sticker60 Mile Sticker120 Mile Sticker


Because you can win stickers, that’s why! The August Paddle Challenge is a simple idea, open to all ages. Paddle 30, 60 or 120 miles during the month of August and bag yourself a free boat or board sticker.

Yes, it really is that simple. Every paddler loves a challenge and a free sticker, so we’re giving you both! All you have to do is paddle your miles, complete the form below, and we will pop you a sticker in the post.


There are different stickers for each distance but you can only claim one. So, make sure you wait until you’ve squeezed those last miles in before you get in touch.

Only miles paddled between August 1st and 31st count. So, you can start at 00.00 am on August 1st if you like. We would recommend staying in bed a little longer and starting later in the day – but we’re all different!

When the challenge is live a form will appear below. Use the form to upload your personal details and distances. We will only use the data you provide for administering and monitoring the challenge, and posting your stickers.

Please note, you can register your August Paddle Challenge until the end of the second week in September. Only paddles from August count though.

To learn more about how we manage your data please visit the British Canoeing Privacy Centre here.

Challenge Closed

Seasonal challenges are only open at certain times of year. This challenge closed on 15 September 2019. It will reopen on 01 August 2020