10 reasons you should get an inflatable SUP

10 reasons you should get an inflatable SUP

You may not even realise, but a lot of the stand up paddleboards you see on the water are actually inflatable SUPs. These accessible boards have exploded in popularity over the last few years and it’s easy to see why.

So, what’s to love about an inflatable SUP?

  1. They’re lightweight. Weighing from as little as 8kg, the inflatable SUP makes it easy and accessible for any paddlers of any shape, size or strength to get on the water.
  2. They fold down to really small. Like, really small! With the release of the new Red Paddle Co compact, the already super portable iSUPs got a makeover, with a new carry bag measuring a similar size to hand luggage.
  3. You can carry and inflate anywhere… meaning endless inspiration for adventures. That hard-to-reach spot you’ve always wanted to paddle just got a little easier with an inflatable SUP.  
  4. There’s one for every adventure type. That’s right, whether you’re all about the surf, distance, white water or cruising, there’s a board for all adventures.  
  5. They fit in the car boot… super handy for cars without roof racks or those limited on storage space at home.
  6. They provide hours of fun. We’re talking dawn ‘til dusk SUP’ing opportunities.
  7. Hand pumping adds an added workout opportunity. Create a competition out of the hand-pumping action to inflate your SUP. It’s a workout in itself! It doesn’t have to be though, for those not so keen on hand pumping, get an electric compressor and plug your board into your car to inflate.
  8. You can do yoga on them… which doubles the giggles and almost always results in some hilarious exit strategies from the poses. Competition to see who makes the biggest splash, anyone!?
  9. They’re durable and beginner-friendly. The construction material and build of the inflatable SUP means they’re better suited to newbies than hard boards.
  10. They have no limits! Go on, give them a go!
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